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"Remember Enescu" Cultural Foundation

Statute of the Remember Enescu Cultural Foundation

      The “Remember Enescu” Cultural Foundation is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization that aims to pay homage in various forms to the personality of the great composer, violinist, conductor, pianist and pedagogue George Enescu, the emblematic figure of Romanian culture and also supports the development of the musical activity in Romania.
    2. NAME
      The name of the Foundation is: “Remember Enescu” Cultural Foundation. This name will be mentioned in all the documents, documents and documents of the Foundation.
      The Foundation’s headquarters are in Bucharest, Ioan Bianu Street no. 39, sector 1, tel / fax This location can be changed as needed. By the decision of the founding members, branches of the Foundation in the country and abroad may be established, which will be hierarchically subordinated to the central forum.
      The foundation is established for an indefinite period, starting from the moment of its registration as a legal entity.
      The patrimony of the Foundation will be created and developed through material and financial donations, contributions as well as through other incomes realized from statutory activities, in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the activity. The Foundation’s funds will be used exclusively to support and expand its specific activities.
      1. It will pay homage to the personality of the great Romanian musician George Enescu by organizing contests, concerts, recitals, galas, master classes and others, under the title “Remember Enescu”, which can be used exclusively by the Foundation.
      2. The “Remember Enescu” Cultural Foundation will carry out activities to promote and develop the Romanian music movement.
      3. It will support the initiation of music education programs, including the use of audio-visual and computer media.
      4. Will organize and participate in domestic and international events that have themes in accordance with the goals of the Foundation; will organize seminars, shows, concerts, contests, recitals, festivals, using all the means at his disposal (press, radio, TV, etc.) to make his activity as well known to the public.
      5. Will collaborate with institutions and individuals whose activities are close to the scope of the Foundation.
      6. It will discover and support young talents dedicated to the study of music, to whom it will offer the possibility of improvement and specialization through scholarships in the country and abroad.
      7. It will award prizes to institutions and individuals for special merits in activities related to the purposes of the Foundation.
      8. It will act to impose in the consciousness of music lovers and the general public the values ​​of Enescu’s creation.
      9. It will carry out actions meant to lead to the consolidation and emancipation of the national violin school. To this end, the Foundation will create its own specific music education program.
      10. It will promote the Romanian creation for violin, piano and other instruments in competition programs, galas, recitals, etc.
      11. It will carry out other activities provided by law, in order to achieve its mission and objectives.
      12. It will organize the “REMEMBER ENESCU” Contest, initiated by the founding members of the Foundation, Mihaela and Adrian Tomescu.
"Remember Enescu" Cultural Foundation